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From Access to SQL Server

From Access to SQL Server

Author: Russell Sinclair
Publisher: Apress


From Access to SQL Server is the ideal book for anyone who needs to upgrade their database from Access to SQL Server. The book begins by discussing what every Access programmer needs to know about SQL Server, including it's architechture and application environment. The next chapter goes over the reasons to migrate and not to migrate. The chapter discusses key issues such as cost, maintenance and administration, size constraints, and network traffic.
The remaining chapters deal with the planning and actual upgrading process. The Microsoft Access 97/2000 upsizing wizards are intoduced. Detail step by step instructions on how to run both the Access 97 and 2000 wizards is provided, along with an explanation of what the limitations of the wizard are.
Migrating Access to SQL Server can bring about many problems and pitfalls. This is why "From Access to SQL Server" is an essential book that teaches developers how to avoid these pitfalls and thus perform a successful migration.
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Table of Contents

2.What is SQL Server?
3.Why Upgrade?
4.Planning the Upgrade.
5.The Microsoft Wizard.
6.Using Data Transformation Services.
7.Using SQL Server.
8.Tables and Views.
9.Stored Procedures.
10.Connecting the Access front end to SQL Server.
11.Working with Data from SQL Server.
12.Optimizing the Access front-end.
13.Access design considerations.

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