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Programming Components with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Programming Components with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

by Guy & Henry Eddon
Publisher: Microsoft Press


This is an excellent book for anyone who wishes to learn about building component software with Microsoft Visual Basic 6. You will learn about the component object model (COM) from the perspective of Visual Basic, as well as how to build various types of COM-based components.
Three chapters are devoted to building activeX controls, and I must say the coverage is excellent to say the least. ActiveX documents are also covered in the book. The book is filled with numerous code examples which will help you to better grasp all the concepts. The CD-ROM which comes with the book has a number of very useful reusable components which you can use in your applications.
A great book that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Understanding Component Software
Chapter 2 The Component Object Model
Chapter 3 Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic
Chapter 4 Internet Backgrounder
Chapter 5 COM Programming in Visual Basic
Chapter 6 Creating ActiveX Controls
Chapter 7 Designing Advanced ActiveX Controls
Chapter 8 Creating ActiveX Controls for the Internet
Chapter 9 Creating ActiveX Documents
Chapter 10 Universal Data Access
Chapter 11 Microsoft Transaction Server
Chapter 12 Internet Information Server

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