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Database Access With Visual Basic 6

Database Access With Visual Basic 6

Author: Jeffrey P. McManus


This is an extraordinary book. The presentation is uncommonly clear and concise. I've been doing database development with VB for a number of years and I learned something in every single chapter. The presentation on queries is the best I've ever seen. It covered what I know and gave me the introduction I needed to SQL Server. The author seems to know just when to present more detail. The examples are clear. The style is entertaining without being "cute". If you do database development with VB, you should read this book! Read some other reviews for this book at Amazon.com

Table of Contents

1. Database Basics
2. Queries
3. Data Access Objects
4. Reporting & Exploring Data
5. Getting Started with SQL Server
7. Data Access With Classes
8. Remote Data Access
9. Multiplier Databases
10. ActiveX Data Objects
11. Internet Database Applications
12. User Interface Controls
13. Using the DBGrid & Apextrue DBGrid Control
14. Using the MSFlex Grid, Hierarchial Flex Grid & Videosoft VSFlex Controls
15. Using Sheridan Data Widgets

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