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Database Access With Visual Basic .NET

Database Access With Visual Basic .NET

Author: Jeffrey P. McManus
Publisher: Addison Wesley


This book will teach you how to develop database applications using Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET. The book assumes that you are familiar with the Visual Basic .NET syntax and fundamental concepts.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part covers the database basics of SQL and SQL Server and is meant to provide the fundamental basic requirements for the novice to proceed comfortably throughout the rest of the book. Part two represents the core of the book and provides numerous examples of the major ADO.NET objects and their properties. Part three shows how the ADO.NET technologies previously presented can be used to build real world applications. This section includes discussion of how XML and ASP.NET integrate with ADO.NET to create various types of database applications.

If you would like to learn how to develop database applications using Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET then this book is a definite must.

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Table of Contents

1. Database Basics
2. Structured Query Language Queries and Commands
3. Getting Started with SQL Server 2000
4. ADO.NET?Data Providers
5. ADO.NET?The DataSet
6. ADO.NET?The DataAdapter
7. ADO.NET?Additional Features and Techniques
8. Visual Studio.NET Database Projects
9. XML and .NET
10. ADO.NET and XML
11. WebForms: Database Applications with ASP.NET
12. Web Services and Middle-Tier Technologies

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