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MCSD Training Guide - Visual Basic 6 Exams

MCSD Training Guide - Visual Basic 6 Exams

Author: Howard Hawhee, MCP
Publisher: New Riders


Due to popular demand, a review of a Microsoft Visual Basic 6 certification book has been added to the site. More and more companies are seeking Microsoft Certified Professionals. Programmers with an "MCP" title definitely have an edge over those who don't.
Generaly, most MCSD books are inadequate in preparing developers to pass the Microsoft certification exams. They don't provide enough exam type questions/examples, and also fall short in covering all the material needed to pass the exams. Fortunately, New Riders Publishing has published "MCSD Training Guide - Visual Basic 6 Exams". This book covers exams 70-175 and 70-176. This is the finest Visual Basic certification book presently out there. It is the preferred VB certification book in the Visual Basic community and has helped more VB developers acquire their MCSD certification than any other book in its class.
The book is very easy to read and provides clear, accurate and thorough information. It provides the reader with numerous exam tips, study strategies, step by step exercises, case studies, exam questions and practice exams. Also, the CD ROM which is included with the book contains the New Riders "Top Score" software suite. This software package is designed to simulate the exam situation you'll encounter at the testing center.
If you want to adequately prepare yourself for the VB MCSD exams, then this is the book you need.
You may read other reviews for this book at Amazon.com, they are excellent.

Table of Contents

Part I: Visual Basic 6 Exam Concepts

1 Developing the Conceptual and Logical Design and Deriving the Physical Design
2 Establishing the Development Environment
3 Implementing Navigational Design
4 Creating Data Input Forms and Dialog Boxes
5 Writing Code that Validates User Input
6 Writing Code that Processes Data Entered on a Form
7 Implementing Online User Assistance in a Distributed Application
8 Creating Data Services: Part I
9 Creating Data Services: Part II
10 Instantiating and Invoking a COM Component
11 Implementing Error-Handling Features in an Application
12 Creating a COM Component that Implements Business Rules or Logic
13 Creating ActiveX Controls
14 Creating an ActiveX Document
15 Understanding the MTS Development
16 Developing MTS Applications
17 Internet Programming with IIS/WebClass and DHTML Applications
18 Using VB's Debug/Watch Facilities
19 Implementing Project Groups to Support the Development and Debugging Process
20 Compiling a VB Application
21 Using the Package and Deployment Wizard to Create a Setup Program

Part II: Final Review

Study and Exam Prep Tips
Practice Exams

Part III Appendices


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