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Murach's Java Programming

Murach's Java programming

Author: Joel Murach
Publisher: Murach


Murach's Java programming is for anyone who wants to learn all of the core features of the Java programming language. The book is for those with some programming experience or those with no programming experience at all.

The book teaches you how to develop java applications efficiently like in the real world with the help of an IDE. Complete real world applications are presented, including a complete product manager application that uses many of the core Java features, such as classes, business classes, and database classes to implement the three-tier architechture.

The end of chapter excercises will allow you to test your skills on what you learned after each chapter. Also, Murach's paired-page format with explanations on the left page and syntax of the right will help you learn quickly and also allows the book to serve as a valuable reference.

If you're looking to master Java, then Murach's Java Programming is the book for you.

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Table of Contents

Section 1 Essential skills

Chapter 1 An introduction to Java
Chapter 2 How to write your first Java applications
Chapter 3 How to work with the primitive data types
Chapter 4 How to code control statements
Chapter 5 How to code methods, handle exceptions, and validate data
Chapter 6 How to test, debug, and deploy an application

Section 2 Object-oriented programming

Chapter 7 How to define and use classes
Chapter 8 How to work with inheritance
Chapter 9 How to define and use interfaces
Chapter 10 More object-oriented programming skills

Section 3 More essential skills

Chapter 11 How to work with arrays
Chapter 12 How to work with collections and generics
Chapter 13 How to work with strings
Chapter 14 How to work with dates and times
Chapter 15 How to work with file I/O
Chapter 16 How to work with exceptions

Section 4 GUI programming

Chapter 17 How to get started with JavaFX
Chapter 18 How to get started with Swing
Chapter 19 More Swing controls

Section 5 Database programming

Chapter 20 An introduction to databases with SQLite
Chapter 21 How to use JDBC to work with a database

Section 6 Advanced skills

Chapter 22 How to work with lambda expressions and streams
Chapter 23 How to work with threads

Reference Aids
Appendix A How to set up Windows for this book
Appendix B How to set up Mac OS X for this book

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