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Murach's Javascript and jQuery

Murach's Javascript and jQuery

Author: Mary Delamater, Zak Ruvalcaba
Publisher: Murach


Murach's Javascript and jQuery will provide you with all the Javascript and jQuery skills you'll need as a web developer. This book is ideal for those will an HTML/CSS background and no programming experience, but also works for those with server side programming experience with languages such as C#, Java, PHP, Python.

What this book does well and unlike other books is use examples that combine your Javascript skills in conjunction with your jQuery skills. This is deal because this is the way web applications are coded in the real world.

If you're looking to master Javascript and jQuery, then Murach's Javascript and jQuery is the book for you.

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Table of Contents

Section 1 JavaScript essentials

Chapter 1 Introduction to web development
Chapter 2 Getting started with JavaScript
Chapter 3 The essential JavaScript statements
Chapter 4 How to work with JavaScript objects, functions, and events
Chapter 5 How to test and debug a JavaScript application
Chapter 6 How to script the DOM with JavaScript
Chapter 7 How to work with links, images, and timers

Section 2 jQuery essentials

Chapter 8 Get off to a fast start with jQuery
Chapter 9 How to use effects and animations
Chapter 10 How to work with forms and data validation
Chapter 11 How to use jQuery plugins and jQuery UI widgets
Chapter 12 How to use Ajax, JSON, and Flickr

Section 3 Advanced JavaScript skills

Chapter 13 How to work with numbers, strings, and dates
Chapter 14 How to work with control structures, exceptions, and regular expressions
Chapter 15 How to work with browser objects, cookies, and web storage
Chapter 16 How to work with arrays
Chapter 17 How to create and use your own objects
Chapter 18 How to create and use closures, IIFEs, the module pattern, and plugins

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