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Murach's Visual Basic 6

Murach's Visual Basic 6

Authors: Ed Koop, Anne Prince, Joel Murach
Publisher: Murach


Murach's Visual Basic 6 is another excellent VB book for beginners. I had never heard of Murach Publishing before, therefore, I didn't know what to expect from the book. All the material in the book is presented in an exceptionally clear manner which a beginner to VB will greatly appreciate.  Microsoft estimates that 70% of all development done in Visual Basic is for database applications. Murach's Visual Basic 6 does an excellent job of covering many aspects of Visual Basic database programming. Seven chapters of the book are devoted to database programming. These include an introduction to SQL programming, the new database access technology ADO, the new VB6 data report designer, and much more.
I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to develop a solid foundation in Visual Basic 6.

Table of Contents

Section 1 The basics of Visual Basic Programming

Chapter 1 Introduction to Visual Basic programming
Chapter 2 Visual Basic coding essentials
Chapter 3 How to work with forms and controls
Chapter 4 How to test and debug an application

Section 2 The essentials of database programming

Chapter 5 Introduction to database applications
Chapter 6 Introduction to database programming
Chapter 7 How to use ADO to build bound forms
Chapter 8 How to use ADO to build unbound forms
Chapter 9 How to use the Data Environment Designer to build forms
Chapter 10 How to use the Data Report Designer to develop reports
Chapter 11 How to use the Data View window to work with databases

Section 3 Other development skills

Chapter 12 How to enhance the user interface
Chapter 13 How to use class modules and ActiveX components
Chapter 14 How to develop an application for the internet
Chapter 15 How to distribute an application


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