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Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Professional (step by step)

Create the user interface

  1. On the File menu, click the New Project command.

You start a new programming project by clicking the New Project command on the File menu.

Click No if you are asked whether you want to save any changes to the StepUp program from Lesson 1. This removes the StepUp program from memory.

  1. Click OK to create a standard 32-bit Visual Basic application.

Visual Basic cleans the slate for a new programming project and displays in the center of the screen a blank form you can use to build your user interface.

Now you’ll enlarge this form, and then you’ll create the two buttons in the interface.

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the lower-right corner of the Form window (not the Project Container window) until the mouse changes into a sizing pointer, and then increase the size of the form to make room for the objects in your program.

As you resize the form, scroll bars appear in the Project window, as shown in the following illustration:

To see the entire form without obstruction, resize the Project Container window to remove the scroll bars and move or close the Properties window, the Project window, and the Form Layout window.

Now you’ll practice a command button object on the form.

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