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Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Author: Francesco Balena
Publisher: Microsoft Press


  This book gives the reader the most comprehensive look at Visual Basic 6 that I have seen. Of all the VB books which I have reviewed this is the only one which I can truly recommend to Visual Basic programmers of all levels, from beginners to experienced. You may be asking yourself how one book can suit the needs of such a wide range of Visual Basic programmers. Part 1 of the book, which consists of the first eight chapters, covers all of the basics in an extremely clear and comprehensive fashion. This allows beginners to VB to grasp a solid understanding of the basic foundations of VB6 before exploring the more advanced features of the language in later chapters. Those who have some VB experience and feel they don't need to read the first eight chapters can simply skim through them and read the remaining chapters 9-20 which offer some of the best in-depth comprehensive coverage of advanced VB6 topics that I have seen in any Visual Basic 6 book.

The book covers all of the new features to VB6, such as, ADO, DHTML, and WebClasses, just to mention a few. It contains an excellent tutorial on object-oriented programming, an in-depth reference to VB and the VBA language, a close look at ADO technology, internet programming, a transition guide for VB5 developers, and finally a digest of advanced programming techniques. The CD-ROM which is included with the book contains 150 sample projects and 100 class modules, a library of over 170 reusable routines for strings, math, array, date/time, controls, file, database, registry, mouse, and keyboard operations.

This is one book which every VB6 programmer no matter what level they are at, needs to have by their side.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: The Basics

Chapter 1 First Steps with Microsoft Visual Basic 6
Chapter 2 Introduction to Forms
Chapter 3 Intrinsic Controls
Chapter 4 Variables and Procedures
Chapter 5 The Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Basic Libraries
Chapter 6 Classes and Objects
Chapter 7 Events, Polymorphism, and Inheritance
Chapter 8 Databases

Part 2: The User Interface

Chapter 9 Advanced Forms and Dialogs
Chapter 10 Windows Common Controls: Part 1
Chapter 11 Windows Common Controls: Part 2
Chapter 12 Other ActiveX Controls

Part 3: Database Programming

Chapter 13 The ADO Object Model
Chapter 14 ADO at Work
Chapter 15 Tables and Reports

Part 4: ActiveX Programming

Chapter 16 ActiveX Components
Chapter 17 ActiveX Controls
Chapter 18 ADO Components

Part 5: Internet Programming

Chapter 19 Dynamic HTML Applications
Chapter 20 Internet Information Server Applications
Appendix Windows API Functions

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