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Programming VB.NET

Programming VB.NET

Authors: Gary Cornell, Jonathan Morrison
Publisher: Apress


Programming VB.NET is written by Gary Cornell. A well known and award winning Visual Basic author who has written many widely acclaimed programming books.

The book is primarily designed for experienced Visual Basic developers making the transition to VB.NET. However, it can also be appreciated by other experienced programmers regardless of their programming background.

The book begins with an introduction to the differences between VB.NET and VB. The next chapter introduces you to the new Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE). You will get a tour of the main windows, and learn how to compile and debug your VB.NET applications. Chapter three teaches the VB.NET syntax. You will learn the VB.NET expressions, operators, and program control flow. The next couple of chapters form the core of the book. These chapters cover object oriented programming and inheritance. VB.NET is the first truly object oriented programming version of VB, and a solid understanding of these new features is essential in taking full advantage of VB.NET's new powers.

The next few chapters go on the cover important topics such as, event handling, error handling, building user interfaces, input/output streams, and multithreading. The final two chapters give a brief introduction to database access with VB.NET using ADO.NET, and a brief overview of ASP.NET.

The book provides clear and complete coverage of all topics. It includes many real world code examples which help the reader to better understand all the concepts presented.

If you're an experienced VB developer and want to make the transition to VB.NET, then "Programming VB.NET" is a definite must have. You may read other reviews for this book at Amazon.com.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 The VB .NET IDE: Visual Studio .NET
Ch. 3 Expressions, Operators, and Control Flow
Ch. 4 Classes and Objects (with a Short Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming)
Ch. 5 Inheritance and Interfaces
Ch. 6 Event Handling and Delegates
Ch. 7 Error Handling the VB .NET Way: Living with Exceptions
Ch. 8 Windows Forms, Drawing, and Printing
Ch. 9 Input/Output
Ch. 10 Multithreading
Ch. 11 A Brief Introduction to Database Access with VB .NET
Ch. 12 A Brief Overview of ASP .NET
Ch. 13 .NET Assemblies, Deployment, and COM Interop

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