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Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005

Author: Francesco Balena
Publisher: Microsoft Press


Programming Visual Basic 2005 by Francesco Balena builds on the success of the author's previous programming book for Visual Basic 6 and .NET. This huge 1600 page book provides the most complete coverage of Visual Basic 2005 that I have seen.

This book isn't for beginner programmers who wish to learn Visual Basic 2005. It is aimed at experienced Visual Basic developers who want to take full advantage of the new .NET Framework.

The book provides complete coverage of advanced new object-oriented features, the common language runtime, multithreaded programs, Windows Forms, GDI+ graphic programming, Windows Services, ADO.NET classes for databases, ASP.NET Web Forms, and XML Web Services. Also included are many advanced optimization techniques and tips for leveraging the power of the Visual Studio .NET environment. For those who love code examples, you won't be disappointed. The book is filled with short code examples that illustarte how each specific .NET feature works.

Programming Visual Basic 2005 has received alot of well deserved praise from the Visual Basic community. I found the book to be very thorough, concise, and well written. This is one book that all experienced Visual Basic developers must have by their side.

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Table of Contents

1 Introducing the Microsoft .NET framework
2 Basic language concepts
3 Control flow and error handling
4 Using Visual Studio 2005
5 Debugging Visual Basic applications
6 Class fundamentals
7 Delegates and events
8 Inheritance
9 Object lifetime
10 Interfaces
11 Generics
12 .NET Basic types
13 Arrays and collections
14 Regular expressions
15 Files, directories, and streams
16 The My Namespace
17 Assemblies and resources
18 Reflection
19 Custom attributes
20 Threads
21 Serialization
22 PInvoke and COM Interop

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