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Serious ADO: Universal Data Access with Visual Basic

Serious ADO: Universal Data Access with Visual Basic

Author: Rob Macdonald
Publisher: Apress


"Serious ADO" is written by Rob Macdonald, an independent software expert specializing in enterprise system design using Windows, COM(+), ADO, and MTS. The book is based on the authors real world database development experience. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Visual Basic developers. The book teaches how to use ADO to build component-based systems and web applications as well as traditional client server systems.

The first part of the book is titled "ADO In Depth". It provides detailed coverage of ADO's components and how they work. Real world code examples are provided for better understanding of all concepts. Oracle and SQL Server are covered, including the major non-traditional data sources. Key concepts such as locking, transactions, connection pooling, and marshalling are covered.

Part two is titled "ADO at Large". It explains how ADO is used in real world scenarios. Topics include advanced user interface creation, binding processes, Data Environment, and Microsoft Transaction Server. It shows how to use ADO to build components that benefit from MTS and COM+.

If you are an intermediate to experienced Visual Basic database developer, then this book is a must. You may read other reviews for this book at Amazon.com.

Table of Contents


1. ADO's Big Idea

Part 1. ADO In Depth

2. ADO Unplugged
3. Recordsets with SQL Data Sources
4. Explicit Connections
5. Explicit Commands
6. The ADO Event Model and Asynchronous Processing
7. Disconnected RecordSets
8. Recordset Recursion and Data Shaping
9. Working with Documents - Records and Streams
10. The ADO Data Definition Language and Security (ADOX) Model
11. Creating Simple Providers

Part 2. ADO at Large

12. Binding and Data Aware Objects
13. The Data Environment
14. ADO, DNA, MTS and COM+
15. RDS and DHTML
16. Multi-Dimensional ADO (ADOMD)


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