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Visual Basic 6 from the Ground Up

Visual Basic 6 from the Ground Up

Author: Gary Cornell
Publisher: Osborne Mcgraw Hill


I wish this book had come to my attention much sooner so that I could have reviewed it on my web site. I did have high hopes before reading this book because I purchased "Core Visual Basic 5" by Gary Cornell and absolutely loved it. Gary Cornell is an award winning author. He won the Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Reader's Choice Award in 1996.

This huge 900 page book which is geared towards the beginner to intermediate, covers everything you need to know to program in Visual Basic 6. You will learn with the help of tons of sample code, object oriented programming, database programming, how to create sophisticated event-driven programs, VBScript, graphics programming, ActiveX, and much more.

Gary Cornell is a professional programmer and a professor at the University of Connecticut. His teaching experience becomes very apparent when you read this book. All the material is presented in a very clear and effective manner which makes it easy for the reader to quickly absorb it. You can check out other reviews for this book at Amazon.com. They are all excellent..

Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 The Visual Basic Environment and Help System
Chapter 3 Customizing a Form and Writing Simple Programs
Chapter 4 First Steps in Building the User Interface
Chapter 5 First Steps in Programming
Chapter 6 Displaying Information
Chapter 7 Controlling Program Flow
Chapter 8 Built-In Functions
Chapter 9 Writing Your Own Functions and Procedures
Chapter 10 Organizing Information Via Code
Chapter 11 Organizing Information Via Controls
Chapter 12 Building Larger Projects
Chapter 13 VB Objects and an Intoduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 14 Finishing the Interface
Chapter 15 Tools and Techniques for Testing, Debugging, and Optimization
Chapter 16 An Introduction to Graphics
Chapter 17 Monitoring Mouse Activity
Chapter 18 Basic File Handling
Chapter 19 File System Controls and File System Objects
Chapter 20 Communicating with other Windows Applications
Chapter 21 Recursion
Chapter 22 A Survey of Database Development Using Visual Basic
Chapter 23 Building Your Own ActiveX Controls
Chapter 24 Visual Basic and the Internet: Building a Special Purpose Browser
Chapter 25 Visual Basic and the Internet: VBScript and Dynamic HTML
Chapter 26 Distributing Your Application: The Package and Deployment Wizard

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