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Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Professional (step by step)

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Professional (step by step)

Author: Michael Halvorson
Publisher: Microsoft Press


 I found this to be an excellent book for beginners to visual basic. As the title states, this book takes you "step by step" through all aspects of Visual Basic 6.0. It assumes no prior programming experience with Visual Basic. The book starts off slowly by showing the reader how to create their first simple Visual Basic program. This will help you to quickly become familiar with the Visual Basic environment. The book is well organized and divided into various parts, such as, creating the user interface, database programming, internet programming, etc. All parts are listed below in the table of contents. Each of these parts is clearly presented with sample code and screen shots. I highly recommend this book to any beginner to Visual Basic. Check out other reviews at Amazon.com. They are all excellent..

Table of Contents

Pt. 1. Getting Started with Visual Basic

1. Opening and Running a Visual Basic Program
2. Writing Your First Program
3. Working with Controls
4. Working with Menus and Dialog Boxes

Pt. 2. Programming Fundamentals

5. Visual Basic Variables and Operators 6. Using Decision Structures
7. Using Loops and Timers

Pt. 3. Creating the Perfect User Interface

8. Working with Forms, Printers, and Error Handlers
9. Adding Artwork and Special Effects

Pt. 4. Managing Corporate Data

10. Using Modules and Procedures
11. Working with Collections and Arrays
12. Exploring Text Files and String Processing
13. Managing Access Databases
14. Connecting to Microsoft Office

Pt. 5. Professional Edition Tools and Techniques

15. Word Processing with the Rich Textbox Control
16. Displaying Progress and Status Information
17. Integrating Music and Video with the Multimedia MCI Control
18. Beyond Visual Basic: Using the Windows API

Pt. 6. Internet Programming Fundamentals

19. Downloading Files with the Internet Transfer Control
20. Displaying HTML Documents with Internet Explorer
21. Designing Dynamic HTML Pages for the Web
22. Adding Toolbox Elements and ActiveX Controls to DHTML Pages

Pt. 7. Advanced Database Programming

23. Managing Data with the FlexGrid Control
24. Exploring ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

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