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Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Deluxe Learning Edition

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Deluxe Learning Edition

Michael Halvorson
Publisher: Microsoft Press


Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Deluxe Learning Edition provides everything you need to start developing powerful applications for the new .NET platform.

Although finding and reading a good Visual Basic book is an excellent start to ones Visual Basic career, I cannot over emphasize how important it is to get ones hands on a copy of the Visual Basic software/compiler. With both the book and Visual Basic .NET software you can quickly become comfortable with the Visual Basic Development Environment by typing in some of the source code in the book and test running it for yourself. Eventually, when you feel comfortable with your knowledge of Visual Basic you can begin writing and running your own programs. Visual Basic .NET Deluxe Learning Edition will allow you to do just that.

This book/software package comes with an excellent Visual Basic .NET book from Microsoft Press. The book is titled, "Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Step by Step". This is an excellent beginner VB.NET book which will allow you to quickly begin creating professional Visual Basic applications for the new Microsoft .NET platform. Second, and most importantly, a copy of the Visual Basic .NET Standard Edition software/compiler on CD-ROM is included. As I mentioned above, a copy of the software/compiler is essential to mastering any programming language. The only way to truly master Visual Basic .NET is by eventually writing and testing your own applications.

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