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Dan Appleman's Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API

Dan Appleman's Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API

Author: Dan Appleman
Publisher: Sams


Every Visual Basic programmer who needs to write Windows applications that harness the power of the Win32api definitely needs to add this book to their Visual Basic book collection. In the past only C programmer's had the ability to access the Win32 api. Since the release of VB5 this luxury has been available to the VB programmer as well. This book is not for beginner Visual Basic programmers. It's for expierienced programmer's who want to tap into the power of the Win32 api. Although it is not necessary to make api calls in order to write windows applications in Visual Basic, there are certain things that are done much more easily if not only through win32 api calls.
This book covers almost every existing API function that is available to the Visual Basic programmer. Each API function has been very clearly and carefully documented. It is has recieved rave reviews in the Visual Basic community and is by far the leading VB API book on the market. A definite must for the experienced programmers.
You may read other reviews at Amazon.com, they are all excellent.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Windows API

Chapter 1: Dlls and APIs
Chapter 2: Getting a handle on Windows
Chapter 3: The Visual Basic Windows Interface
Chapter 4: Real World API Programming

Part 2: Windows API Functions

Chapter 5: Windows Control and Information Functions
Chapter 6: Hardware and System Functions
Chapter 7: Device Contexts
Chapter 8: Drawing Functions
Chapter 9: Bitmaps, Icons, and Raster Operations
Chapter 10: Working with Menus
Chapter 11: Text and Fonts
Chapter 12: Printing
Chapter 13: File Operations
Chapter 14: Processes and Threads
Chapter 15: Memory, Strings, Structures, and Resources

Part 3: Windows Messages

Chapter 16: General Windows Messages
Chapter 17: Edit Control Messages
Chapter 18: List Box, Combo Box, and Button Messages

Part 4: Real World API Programming Revisited

Chapter 19: Using API calls from VB-A trade-off in software design
Chapter 20: Building an API Class Library

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